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Do have a smoking friend? Or are you struggling with smoking yourself? Many people do not know how to quit the habit. Yes, they want to, but they do not know how. The many times they tried stopping the ended up lighting that cigarette again. This article will give you simple steps that will help you to quit smoking.

How to quit smoking

Decide to stop smoking

Making a conscious decision on this matter is important. You might be having the idea in your mind that “I want to quit smoking someday, ” but it is not until you make the decision from deep down that it will come to pass. Set a date as to when you want the journey to start. Since it is you making the decision, choose a date that suits you best. Select a peaceful day, with nothing to make you want to smoke. Stay away from all smoking temptations when the date finally comes.

Change smoking habits

There are those times of the day set for smoking. If you work in an office, you might be sneaking out to smoke over the lunch or break hour. If you have decided to quit, change the pattern. You can decide to change the cigarette brands as well. This way you are breaking the habit by not giving the body what it was used to at a particular time.

Reduce the number of cigarettes

Wean off yourself from the habit gradually. One way to do this is by reducing the number of cigarettes previous smoked. Start off by smoking a cigarette less each day. You have to understand that you cannot quit the habit all at once. You need to break yourself from the habit slowly by slowly. At the end of the day, you will find that you can smoke one cigarette in a day. The process is much easy this way.

Get an aid

You can choose an aid to help you stop smoking. This is something that you take when the urge to smoke hits you. You can use a gum, hypnosis or patch. It might be expensive at the start, but think about how much you are going to save once you stop smoking.

Stop using the aid

This is the last step. Do away with the aid. Some aids are addictive. You will not have quit smoking completely if you are still using the aid.